Gender & Sex Related Articles


Desexing of the Kinsey Institute, New York Review of Books

How the famed sex institute shifted its focus to love and why. 

In Defense of Sex Robots, Quartz

How sex robots could save us in the #MeToo era. Fun fact: Breitbart ripped off my article. 

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10 Things You Never Knew About Adult Toys, Female First

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Why You Should Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy for Christmas, Quartzy


If You Mold It, They Will ComeBitch Magazine

Article detailing the history of the silicone dildo, an invention created in the early 1970s by a paraplegic engineer from Grenada who was frustrated by his own impotence and lack of sexual resources for disabled people. 


A Short History of the Condom, Jstor Daily (audio & Print Version)

A history of the condom from goat-instestine versions in the 16th century to 19th century gentleman's rubber safes and 21st century thin latex versions . 


Was Christine Jorgensen The Caitlyn Jenner of the 1950s, Jstor Daily

A short history of Christine Jorgensen.

When I found Out my Ex is Trans it changed me too, Bust magazine

A personal story of questioning my own gender role after my ex-boyfriend transitioned into a woman.

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Teaching Gender Studies to Straight Men, Inside Higher Ed

Why Gender Studies should be more focused on appealing to men instead of just preaching to the choir.